• Keith Phillips

    December 15, 2020 at 11:14 am

    We will install and teach our pursuit drill the first day of
    practice. Each position on our defense has a pursuit number and that number
    will take them to the sideline. Obviously, angles and such will change as the position
    of the ball both pre and post snap changes. (Use hashes) Incorporating this drill does give us a
    starting point as we fan out to the ball while working on cutback lanes,
    bending to the ball etc. This also teaches the importance to getting to the football.
    We will run our different fronts, stunts and coverages while using this drill.
    Pursuit needs talked about and drilled if even if that drill is only 3-4 minute
    period with all 11 players. I like this
    drill because I can incorporate other of pursuit drills with it. (Half line etc.)

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