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  • Kyle Ralph

    May 21, 2021 at 4:36 am

    Coach, we try to double whenever we can but sometimes the front doesn’t allow that. To make this as simple as I can since you’re just getting going into zone. We teach our guys from the base level what it means to be covered and uncovered. So for example – let’s say our left guard has a 5 technique and a 1 shade on his side. He would consider himself uncovered with no man in either of his two gaps or on his frame work. As a result he will work to his left in combination with the left tackle going 5 technique to frontside LB. Now, in the same situation if he has a 5 technique and a 2i on his side he would consider himself covered and would now work his combo block with the center on that 2i to the frontside linebacker. The OL makes double team calls when they get to the line because we do see random stuff from time to time. I want them to communicate and be clear where they are working. It’s about not making mistakes. Those are the basic rules that can help you get going.

    The second part of that is when you see a solo block sometimes it happens by design, or front or whatever it may be. But, again, we want double teams when we can get them. The biggest percent of “solo” looking blocks comes from when a DL has slanted. Here is why. We teach our lineman to read the near knee of the defender. So, let’s say I am a Center working right to a head up 2 technique DL and his knee comes right at me. I know immediately I am going to be in a 60/40 double team essentially with my RG. Because he is going to be the climber in that double. Now, if that same 2 tech were to slant t the BGap, I do not good chasing him out there as a center. So, when the near knee disappears my guard is going to have 100% of that block, I can’t help him, so it may look solo but it isn’t designed to be that way. That center just knows when that knee disappears I am climbing and I am going right now. It helps our kids diagnose stuff very quickly.

    I hope this helps on a base level to get you going. If you need anything let me know.