ACTIVITY FEED FORUMS Offense Hybrid Wing-T System Forum Install Reply To: Install

  • Rich Erdelyi

    March 30, 2021 at 10:08 am

    If you look at the schedule sheet there are 2 blocks for each of the 1st 5 days with the upper block being the runs that will be installed and the lower block being the passes. Day 1 was Jet; Day 2 was Buck/Gun; Day 3 was QB Sprint series and more trips passing stuff; Day 4 was Belly; Day 5 was Rocket from Pistol. The next 5 days were installing/reviewing basically the same plays from Unbalanced/Double Tight Goal Line/Short Yardage formations, No Back formations and some Specialty and Trick plays.

    Try to decide based on personnel the plays you’ll probably emphasize and use that as your install model. Maybe you want to do Buck from UC and Gun on the same install day. If you can get as much as you can installed in 5 days of practice then you have all summer and 7on7 camps/games to get the rest in. It’s difficult for me to tell you what to put in without knowing your personnel and what you want to emphasize but I’m guessing Jet, Buck, Belly Slide and then go from there probably with a Sprint Package.

    Coach ERD