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  • Jarrett Troxler

    March 11, 2021 at 11:03 am

    Coach! I hope all is well. Sorry for the delay in response!!!! #1 I’m willing to share anything to help…contact me via email at #2 I teach the RPO footwork that way because it allows us to get the ball out faster. Most of what we do is pre snap RPO stuff so if he knows he’s throwing he just works to get it out to the receiver, no need to ride the mesh. #3 I do give our QB the freedom to make the call on the field. He’s the one playing not me and he feels it better. I have in the past given the QB Stipulations and regretted it. Many times on a 3rd and short our QB has thrown the ball on a quick game and got the first down. If it’s an automatic give then why not just call the run. That’s how I approach it. Work like crazy during the week putting him in different situations with the RPOs then you will feel very comfortable with him making the call on Friday! Hope this helps! Hit me me up if I can help more!!!! Thanks for your interest in the system! Coach Troxler