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  • Rich Erdelyi

    February 22, 2021 at 2:24 pm

    We only ran Waggle Block to the TE flank. We had our Sprint Pkg to the TE flank. Trips to the TE flank- Red Frm

    TE-release inside and run a Banana seam pattern 12 bending to 16. If there is a 7 tech block down switching assignments with the RH.

    RH-Block down on first man inside (usually the 9 tech) If there is a 7 tech switch assignments w/TE

    LH-allign as a flanker 12 yards from the wing(RH) and run a takeoff (clear out)

    SE-run a Post through centerfield

    QB-1st 2 steps like Break Contain Waggle on the mid-line. 3rd step crossover @45 and sprint attacking the flank with pass/run option reading the blocks of the guards.

    Break contain Waggle for everyone else. FB had 1st backer playside B gap area then to the flat. We had a 3 level stretch to the TE flank usually with 2 guards in front. If I called this play 50 times it was 45 runs and 5 passes to the TE running the Banana/Seam. It was almost always like a QB Sweep to the TE flank.

    From the same formation we ran Belly/Down Pass with the same patterns except the Wing/RH ran the arrow to the flat and the PSG would pull for the 7/9 tech and the FB faking Down. This grouping of plays…Waggle Block, Down and Down Pass put great stress/conflict on the 9 tech and corner. We also ran Guard trap and our 3 step/ boot game to the SE boot back to the 3 level stretch with the same patterns.

    Coach ERD