ACTIVITY FEED FORUMS Defense 4-3 Dynamic Defense System Forum Unbalanced Adjustment Reply To: Unbalanced Adjustment

  • Eric Kasperowicz

    February 9, 2021 at 9:19 am

    First one is pretty simple and common now for us too…I like what you have drawn up…we’d definitely do very similar movement with our DLine as a changeup…Initially, we’d roll our secondary strong and play a version of cover 3. I’d have a couple ways to play your DE and F…normal and then gap exchange them. you will probably see some sort of gap scheme…so gotta decide whether to spill or box. We’d probably spill in this situation. You have to think about your Nose and his alignment…i’d study for when they run strong or weak…i’m sure there is a tell…maybe the F’s alignment, etc. I’d play him on a nose when you think running strong and then i’d play him in a G (2i) when you think they may run to weak side.

    The second pic I would do exactly what you said…I’d re-center the defense…and treat it like Double Tight. Big thing is who do they run behind…that is where I would set my front. Probably play either Cover 2 or Cover 0 behind it.

    I hope this helps but seems like you are on the right track.