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  • Rich Erdelyi

    February 4, 2021 at 10:49 am

    Red Frm(TE/wing rt; SE/slot Lt) Waggle to the TE:

    TE:Release inside Run a Flag. If you can’t beat deep break it off @17 back to 15

    RT:Gap-Down-On. Block Down on 1st man inside. If covered log the 5 tech. If RG makes a HOME call and you are uncovered you can pull and log taking the RG techniques (rarely if ever happened)

    RG:Flat 90 pull technique. Log 1st man outside RT. Log him until you can’t then kick him out. Hit and Stick on him, If there is a 2i make a HOME call. If you and the RT are covered make a HOME call.

    OC:On-Away. Reach technique on a nose or 1 shade or block away on backside shade or 2i

    LG:Flat 90 pull. Crossover with depth on the 2nd step allowing the FB to pass. Read block of RG…if he logs then leadQB…if he kicks turn up and look inside. Be prepared for the “Go” call from the QB. If you hear a HOME call you will be the only puller. Be prepared to log or kick 1st outside RT

    LT:Shutoff RG area using flat pull technique.

    SE:Clear through Centerfield. You could be TD man if QB pulls up.

    QB:Reverse pivot Right foot on midline;2nd step and gather on the 3rd;Nod to passing back and push off@45 gaining some depth 5yds to the right, 6 to the left(need more depth to square shoulders). Some people teach the QB to crossover with depth on the 3rd step as the HB passes. We didn’t. Both techniques are acceptable. Read the block of the RG while looking deep to the TE 1st. You should be able to see the crosser and FB underneath. If he has it logged and you see a lot of green RUN yelling GO to alert the LG. If you need to pull up you’re thinking SE/crosser. Always be aware of down and distance and don’t be afraid to run the ball then everything else will open up.

    RHB:3 step motion. Dip inside(right)shoulder as you pass QB. Sink up and protect area outside LT shutoff block. NEVER let anyone cross your face. Invite everyone to your left around you.

    FB:Dive for the outside hip of the RG with a crossover @45 step with left foot. Block area(usually 1st LB your side) Slide delayed into the flat no deeper than 4-5! Stay flat to the sideline. You must think BLOCK before going out.

    LHB:Run a drag /crossing pattern 10-12 yds deep. You must get in the vision of the QB trying to stay on his backside shoulder. There should be triangle between The TE, you and the FB and another triangle between the SE, you and the TE. You must run away if it’s man and you must choke down and find a soft spot in a zone while still being in the QB’s vision.

    On the goal line we pulled both guards and made the FB responsible for the 2i since we almost never got him out anyway. This usually became more of a waggle run. We also ran a Waggle Block from trips TE where the wing blocked down on the 9 and sealed the flank. There was no fake to a HB and this usually was a run.

    This was a lot of words and typing. I hope this is enough detail. We ran more Waggle Solid than anything since we were forced to pull up so much I created another blocking scheme for that which was more of a drop back pass.

    Coach ERD