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  • Kirk Benson

    February 2, 2021 at 11:28 am

    Awesome, thanks so much coach. I have started lining up everything against Doubles like you mentioned so I’m good there and will add in the other formations after, thanks for that word. Also, thanks for the d-line explanation as well. I’m struggling with personnel in my secondary this year…we have formally been 3-4 Cov.2 or Cov.0….This year I won’t have good read or man coverage guys and I need 8 to stop the run, so I’m looking hard at the rip liz and bringing the Jack on the roll side…I’m not as familiar with cov.3 but as I watch cut ups it seems guys are always getting picks and stuffing the run…I know it’s hard to defend 4 verts, but we seldom see that or a QB that can throw them…Any more Cov. 3 pointers I’d love to hear as well. Thanks for everything.