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  • aaron brady

    February 2, 2021 at 11:23 am

    Building a defensive playbook:

    I always start with pro and spread. This gives you a (2) WR side, TE/Flanker side, and Dead end. Once we have drawn up our looks to these we can add in Trey (TE & 2 WR) and Trips (3 WR)

    To prepare for wing T and option teams, we will always start with our base Okie look and fit up their top plays.

    When our D-line attacks a gap, we are reading on the run. We want our guys to play fast and attack the OL. They should read their key just like they need when they line up on their key. We want them to play fast at the heel line of the OL. Reactions are based on Run To Me, Run Away From Me and Pass.