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  • Rich Erdelyi

    January 23, 2021 at 11:23 am

    Both our wings and slots took their alignments from the tackle. Their outside foot would be 3.5 yards from the tackle’s outside foot. That being said, our slot in particular would adjust his split to carry out his assignment. He might cheat in slightly on Sprint Out when he had to turn back on the 5 tech or when he was doubling down with the PST on QB Sweep or Power Sweep. We’d also tell him to take that alignment when he was running a Pass pattern or when he was the Motion/Slide Back on Belly Slide TE. He had to be smart but we did have flexibility in alignment.

    We did not run Buck Sweep to the SE flank my last 15 years so the slot almost never had to handle a 5 tech by himself. We had Jet and QB Sweep to that flank and to lesser extents Rocket and Power Sweep which were all better plays. A 9 tech in college was usually a 6’2 210 kid who was more an OLB and my wings could usually handle on a Down Block. A field 5 tech was usually a 6’3 250+ real athletic kid who was their best DL and we were mismatched. The lead/post with the PST was much more doable.

    Coach ERD