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  • Rich Erdelyi

    January 23, 2021 at 11:07 am

    We definitely would tighten our splits on FB wedge. Most teams did not get into traditional Goal Line defense…6-5, Bears until we got inside the 5. Depending on our film study of their techniques our splits could shrink slightly depending on the plays we would run in those situations.

    My thoughts on splits in general is that they are a team by team thing. If I was coaching a Pop Warner team my splits would be tighter than a college team. You need to adjust by size of lineman and their ability to cover 2&3 foot gaps particularly on down blocks. Your players must also understand, particularly the wings, that they must align in a position that allows them to carry out their assignment without tipping off the defense.

    Vs. even spacing we might over split the C/G to 3 ft and the G/T split would be 1 ft. Their total split would be 4 ft. This would help with the OT down block on the 3 and also with doubles on the 3. It also gives us more room on trap and also makes the Mike or the 2 ILB’s on the 4-4 uneasy and gives us better angles on them. The TE split is normally 3 ft ,but we would over split him vs. 4-3 /9 technique to widen the Belly/Down hole and give us a better angle on the SAM. The wing to that side would maintain his split 3.5 yards from the OT so he would almost look stacked behind the TE.

    Hope this gives you some perspective. Whatever your splits the players must be able to carry out their assignments and the timing of plays especially XX and counters cannot be altered.

    Coach ERD