ACTIVITY FEED FORUMS Offense Hybrid Wing-T System Forum How Much is to much? Reply To: How Much is to much?

  • Rich Erdelyi

    January 19, 2021 at 11:39 am

    The general answer is YES I would always have Jet as part of my package and a major part especially if I was going to be more traditional Wing-T under center. I need it for XX and Jet Reverse and it fits with Belly Slide and my QB Sprint Package and also the counters off of them as well as the 1 step game.

    When you talk about a Power Read off Jet in the Gun that’s another aspect of the offense I was heading toward but never did. There are several factors that need to be considered. I’ve known you for years and you are an outstanding and knowledgeable coach about the finer points of the offense so you know what it takes schematically to do it. That;s the first aspect is the knowledge for you and your staff. The next aspect is do you have a QB and surrounding personnel to run it? Are they veterans or newcomers? A coach needs to decide how much the players can absorb. If you were a new coach to the system maybe this would be too much!

    The #1 question I always asked is how expensive is this addition? Sometimes other plays may have to go because there just isn’t enough practice time. Did this add fit and complement everything else we were doing? As I said we were a Jet Sweep- Buck Sweep- Belly Slide team with Play Action and RPO’s off those and a Quick Game (1&3 step) and Sprint game to complement. We did have some 5 step drop (3 step after snap in Gun) for (2&3 and long). We were not a great Screen team which I would do more of if still coaching. My last 2 QB’s were great passers but not runners and that also dictates your philosophy.

    Coach ERD