ACTIVITY FEED FORUMS Offense Power Spread System Forum Inside Zone: is it a triple or double read? Reply To: Inside Zone: is it a triple or double read?

  • Kyle Ralph

    January 13, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    It depends. Some QB’s we have had can handle that and we throw a bubble RPO from it. Others (most) can’t. Sometimes it’s an RPO without a pull based on leverage or pressure, sometimes it’s just a give/pull, sometimes it’s just window dressing. While all that sounds like a lot, our game plan for the week will include which we want to do and practice. If we choose the give/pull our WR’s will occasionally choose to bubble or run a dummy route to get guys to chase them or give the illusion of an RPO. It can be just as good as a block especially if a small guys draw a size mismatch. We do run off a lot of man to man teams this way too since RPO’s are dead and someone is bound to have a size mismatch if you draw a 6’1″ 190 OLB as a 5’9″ 165 Slot WR just run the guy off somewhere.