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  • Kyle Ralph

    January 13, 2021 at 12:08 pm

    1) We do 2 different things based on what we need/expect. Vs a team that doesn’t chase pullers hip pockets or isn’t a big blitz ream we will just inside base cut off the end. If they are a big hip-pocket or blitz team we will do what we call a Gap and Hinge. The BST will gap down to protect that inside gap and if no backer shows he will open and hinge back to seal the DE late.

    2) We have tinkered with it and I like it. It’s all based on what your kids like though.

    3) We tell him to chase the inside hip of the pulling guard and draw the LB into him. He needs to keep it skinny to bring the LB into the block. He makes his cut then off that block. We want it downhill and aggressive.