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  • Rich Erdelyi

    December 16, 2020 at 6:10 pm

    Several years ago we put in the offense a ta few of our summer camps from Pistol. That’s what the coaches wanted and we just had to time everything up. We ran the Rocket package from Pistol as part of our attack. Our Pistol formation was a little different than most. 2 SE’s; QB toes @4; FB heels @6; @ slots toes @2.5 w/inside foot on outside foot of the OT. We ran Rocket Sweep, Rocket Counter, Rocket Zone (to same side as Rocket Sweep), Rocket Boot Naked (FB was the chipper), Rocket Keep Pass, Rocket Screen (Back to FB away from Rocket Sweep).

    Buck Sweep would time up on Red-Set(there would be great deception with the FB passing first faking guard trap. That being said, Guard Trap did not look great a little slow hitting. Jet Sweep easy to time up. We faked Jet and put in a QB counter with the FB lead that looked good. Carnegie Mellon is running a great FB wham from pistol which I showed in my Belly series presentation.

    Always remember…It’s only limited by your imagination! Timing is the key along with the snap!

    Thanks for the question.

    Coach ERD