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  • Rich Erdelyi

    December 13, 2020 at 11:39 am


    Vs. a base 5-2 with a 4 tech you could block it traditionally with the PST on the 4, the PSG pull for the 9 tech, the OC, BSG and BST could block Fire-On- Backer(Zone) or you could Odd Block the backside which we would do with the BSG back on the 4 and the BST folding underneath. I’m assuming you have 2 backs in the backfield so the Dive Back would have the PSILB and the wing would be in Orbit motion.

    It gets a little dicey with the 3-3 stack to pull the PSG for the Spur. The Dive Back would have the PSSLB, the OC/BSG would scoop the middle stack and the BST/TE would scoop the backside stack. Those are not easy blocks and take a lot of work. We were better off in Red/Blue running Belly Slide so the slot had the Spur, PST had the DT as above, the Slide back had the PSSLB, PSG/OC had the middle stack and the BSG/BST had the backside stack. This gave us better angles on everyone and made it easier to block the Double A and B/C blitzes common to this defense. It also was easier for the Slide back to find the Playside backer and if it was a B/C blitz we would at least get a stalemate. Whichever way you do it make sure the PST always blocks the DT. The slide motion for us tied in much better because Jet and QB Sprint package came off the same motion. If you were more of a Rocket team Orbit motion would make sense we just were never great at folding the slot under to block the 1st backer inside.

    Thank You for the question.

    Coach ERD