ACTIVITY FEED FORUMS Offense Hybrid Wing-T System Forum Pulling playside Tackle on Buck Sweep Reply To: Pulling playside Tackle on Buck Sweep

  • Rich Erdelyi

    December 13, 2020 at 11:17 am


    I hope you heard my reply on the Zoom call on Thursday. To answer the question here, the PST rule is Gap-Down-Backer and most of the time he was blocking down to help insure the nose or block the BSILB neither of whom ever made the play for any significance. The toughest man to block was the PSILB who the PST was almost never able to block even with great escape technique. By pulling the PST for the Corner the PSG could now pull for the PSILB and have a good chance to block him because they were even to begin with. The BSG would pull flat and get his eyes on the PSILB should he blitz which is an issue and if not he could continue with his wall-off path and get the SS.

    Obviously if we were getting/anticipating 4i techniques or a lot of slanting/pinching or B/C blitz this would not be in our plans. Because of our perimeter game with Jet, Buck, Rocket, Belly Sweep and Sprint out we did not get a lot of inside shades or pinching linemen in normal down situations.

    Coach ERD