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  • Eric Kasperowicz

    December 11, 2020 at 12:23 pm

    Thank you! The biggest thing I would say with breaking down an opponent is to make sure you break them down into as many fields as possible. Each game we break down, depending on the opponent, we fill out 30-40 fields per play. Then…after all that work is done, you and your staff can decide what you want or need to use that given week.

    As far as screens go…I label all the screens into their categories (bubble, QK, Tunnel, Slip, Swing, etc.). I will also code what area of the field the screens were thrown to..short right, short left, short middle, medium left, medium right, medium middle, deep right, deep left, deep middle. This gives you the picture you mentioned. I’ll be live next week if you wanted to jump on and we could discuss further.