• tony.wright

    December 3, 2020 at 6:45 pm

    Hi Coach,

    We were a 3-5 concept with cover 3 as a base. When our guys aligned either head up(4) or inside shade (4i) we played the same base responsibility. Hands on the OT and eyes on the OG. Primarily B Gap fitters as a base call. If the OG blocked away (down block / scoop / pull) we chased and prepared to spill trap.

    If OG block to (cutoff block / double team) we told our guys to press the inside of the OT hard. We played behind stretch but the pressure allowed our ILB & overhang to run free to box the ball.

    Hope this helps. Some good variations we are looking at this offseason is the “Mint” alignment Georgia is doing along with the traditional “Tite” front as comps.

    Good Luck