ACTIVITY FEED FORUMS Defense 4-3 Dynamic Defense System Forum Defending 3×1 Pattern Reply To: Defending 3×1 Pattern

  • Eric Kasperowicz

    December 3, 2020 at 6:52 am

    In our normal quarters coverage vs. this 3×1 route…this could be very difficult.

    #1 on Fade is taken by Field Corner

    #2 on out is taken by the Falcon…the Field Safety should not jump this route because the Falcon is running with it…but FS needs to stay over the top in case he would turn it up on a wheel. The FS will be right in that Corner window of the #3 receiver.

    #3 on 15 yd. corner is taken by the Boundary Safety…but this is difficult as he has a long way to go. The FS will be over the top of the #2 receivers out route and could help out.

    My first 3×1 adjustment would be to play Skate

    #1 is taken by the FC

    #2 is leveraged by the Falcon

    #3 will be squeezed by the FS and FC

    Let me know any other questions.