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  • Rich Erdelyi

    November 24, 2020 at 11:45 am


    Some answers to your questions:

    1. We never did it. I guess if you got a good pre-snap read it could be done. I always called it based on the secondary’s movement to the slide motion. As I said in the video, if they put 3 over 2 we would adjust the go man’s route to a fake stalk/fade to the void area.

    2. When I coached in college we had RH and LH. In HS I had a TB and WB. I also flip-flopped my line in HS but not in college.

    3. NO. We did not emphasize backfield positions. I was more concerned with plays and understanding Down & Distance situations and attacking defenses, coverages and recognizing blitz and protections and hot reads.

    4. The first 5 practices we worked on install. It was probably the 6th practice when we started going against the D and working on 2 minute.

    5. Probably sometime in January

    Game Situation

    There are several factors to consider:

    Score of the game…are you winning or losing…by how much…would an intentional safety be a killer?

    What defense are you expecting? Some type of Goal Line? 6-5? 3-0-3 where QB or FB wedge might be tough? What coverage do you expect? Man?Zone?

    What plays have you had success with during the game? Do you have a dominant lineman to run behind. Do you have a big SE to go get a 50/50 ball?

    That being said if I was expecting normal defense…4-3, 3-4 we would probably run FB wedge @2 on first down because we were good at it and would probably get 3-4 yards and have some breathing room and also if we have to punt we would have enough yards. If I was expecting some type of GL we would probably run Belly Slide or Blast from Rip/Liz formation where there probably is a bubble. We would not be pulling any lineman and would be able to handle any gap blitz and we would have a lead back in front of the FB.

    I WOULD NOT be in Gun and handing the ball off 5 yards deep in the end zone!

    IF YOU HAVE GUTS which I did I would be willing to throw it off of Max Protection Play Action Buck Sweep Keep Pass Slide 24 on the Buck Sweep video shows your exact situation. We could also run Rip 536 Blast Post Pass which will be in the Playbook. Both plays have 8 man protection.

    Look at the Quick Pass Game UC and you’ll see Blue 90 Fade which was a called pattern. I had a 6-5 receiver vs a 5-10 DB and was just hoping for a 50-50 ball to get us out on a 3rd and 8. Again safe protection 2 man pattern. Slide 16 in that presentation.

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Coach ERD