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  • Rich Erdelyi

    November 18, 2020 at 3:08 pm


    Thanks for the question. I also answered this on my Zoom call last Thursday. Assumptions…the 2ILB’s are in the C gaps and they are playing Cov3 behind it with a Mike over the zero nose w/wide DE’s in a loose 9 tech. Since they have 6 over your 5 we would not attack the inside until we created formations and motions to move their LB’s (trips etc.). We would look to run at their bubbles which would be over our tackles so we’ll start with Red frm TE/wing right, SE/slot left QB/UC.

    Belly Slide to TE flank: TE turns out the wide 9; Wing on the corner or FS(most dangerous); RG/RT double the 3 to the Mike; LG on the 3; LT on the BSILB or 9; LH initiates Jet to slide motion and blocks PSILB; QB HO to FB fakes Belly KP

    Jet to TE flank: TE on the 9; RH on the Corner; If 9 is too wide Combo TE/wing on the 9 to PSILB; pull RT for the corner and RG for the alley player and out run everyone else.

    Jet Lead to SE flank: Block belly slide as above to SE flank with FB as lead blocker on PSILB and RH as the BC with Jet motion and aim pt. 2 ft. behind QB. Works best with FB offset in + position in playside B gap.

    Rip formation= tackles right TE/wing/LG…RG/RT/LT…SE right…FB/RH in the backfield. We would run our Blast play to the bubble on the right. With the SE there you take the corner out of the action. LH come across in Jet/slide motion and kicks out the wide 9. LT(outside tackle) on the PSILB: RT/RG double the 3 to the Mike; OC on the nose; LG/TE double the 3 to the BSILB; RH(dive back) lead blocker; FB/BC belly path; QB fakes Blast KP.

    If you are a Buck Sweep team your FB faking has the backside 3 tech so your BST does not have to shut him off.

    Line up or motion to trips either way. They need to remove an LB so you can now run your inside trap game.

    Jet XX especially back to the TE flank would be big with the FB kicking out the wide 9 tech. We pulled the BST and with the flow of the Jet backs you probably need to only worry about 1 backer.

    Passing Game: Who’s covering the flats? Run Belly Keep Pass to the TE flank with blocking as above. Block the wing down on the loose line giving the corner a false key; TE runs a flag; LH(slide back) arrow to the flat; FB has PSILB after a hard fake; SE drag @10; QB attacks the flank.

    3 step game to SE flank with SE/slot running Hitch/Seam or Slant/Arrow combo.

    Sprint Out: Wing motions across to trips and runs arrow to the flat; SE runs 14-12 out cut; full turn back protection with the FB having the 9 tech overlap; TE drags @6. We could also run this as a Curl/Flat. Once you get the LB’s moving you can run the slot scissors back against the motion.

    We would line up in Twins/Gun, Trips/Gun and Friends/Gun and see what king of adjustments we would get and attack the appropriate flank with the RPO/Buck Sweep series and also our Quick Game. In all honesty we didn’t get much 3-0-3 except in short yardage and Goal Line. We would line up in Double tight Rip/Liz formation and this gives you a 5 man surface which I guarantee will get you a bubble somewhere and maybe even 2 gaps unaccounted.

    I hope this gives you some ideas in attacking this front. Out formation them and out motion them. Get those LB’s moving and force them to make adjustments!

    Coach ERD