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  • Bryan Bergman

    December 2, 2020 at 10:41 am

    1. The Jack seems like a ”dude!” He has to be able to play 5 tech, Apex, match 2 to 1, and run with the wheel. Do you sub a defensive linemen in for him when you go to your four man fronts or do you roll with the same kid? How about when you go nickel? Does this player spend half the week with the defensive line coach and half the week with the OLB’s coach?

    2. I noticed you had Eagle labeled as a front, but it looked like you were in Under? Can you clarify?

    3. This defense seems like it is formation based. Are you making any calls play to play? Or are the kids aligning to what they see and playing football (other than when you want to run pressure)? What is dictating whether you are going odd or even front? It seemed like 2×2 formations you liked to align in odd, does that hold true?

    4. I love the idea of match coverage. When you teach the Sam to work 2 to 1 vs. an Out, Curl combo does he work under the curl or is he running out with 2. If he followed his rules of 2-1 it seems as if he would run and leverage the out. You would have a top down defender on the curl, but are you giving the curl up?

    5. Does motion and shifting screw you guys up at all? As I begin to draw up sets and formations it seems as if the only issue may be 3 receivers to the side of the weak safety. Would this become an auto ”Sky” check? Or do you stay in Match coverage and expect the Strong Safety to work across for #3 vertical (Steal)?

  • Nate Moore

    December 2, 2020 at 11:32 am

    1. We will sub if needed. Out of the last 4 years we have had to sub one of those years. We look for an athlete that is tough and disciplined. He has to defend the run first. In a Nickel situation we would most likely sub – if the Jack is one of our best pass rushers then would could insert him in to DE. We give them a good dose of both in the preseason. Once we get to the season he usually spends most of his time with the DL coach working run reads etc. – unless we are prepping for a team that he needs other work in the pass game – then he will spend more time with the OLB coach.

    2. I’d say that’s a typo – Sorry! That was UNDER.

    3. It’s definitely game-plan based, which is heavily formation, but also personnel, tendencies, etc. — and yes we do make a call every play. But to your point we want to be SIMPLE so our kids can play fast. How much ODD or EVEN we play is also game-plan dependent — but in general — the more backs in the backfield the more EVEN front we are likely to play. Yes, I would say 2×2 (especially 10 personnel) we are most likely going to like our ODD front.

    4. Yes and No. We are going to leverage the OUT but we want to do that THROUGH THE CURL. If its a 2×2 look then we can get safety help on the curl as well. If its 3×1 then CLOUD coverage can get us a designated CURL defender.

    5. We would rotate the safeties and essentially play SKY weak like you said.

    Hope that helps!

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