• mike.carter

    February 6, 2021 at 8:48 pm

    Coach Erd,

    Belly slide vs 44 become Belly x block?

    Belly slide vs 34 – 2 guards / combo nose to bsilb?

    Belly Slide vs 335–tackle over blocks spur(olb)? Normal tackle base 5 and 2 guards and center take middle stack and wilb?

    Mike C

  • Rich Erdelyi

    February 8, 2021 at 2:44 pm

    4-4 TE side vs 3/7 we’d XB. OC&BSG double the 2 to BSILB

    Vs 3-4 PSG/OC Nose to BSILB…BSG area block zone step towards the play. If N slants to you double him with OC. We are looking to get a push on the N either way. BST&BSG are both taking zone(fire) steps toward the play and blocking what they see. We don’t want the BSG firing off of that LB too quickly and vacating his area. We would also ODD block the backside especially vs a 4i with the BSG blocking out and the BST folding underneath him. That would be a game plan decision but could also be an in game adjustment. We didn’t get many 4i’s because Jet would be pretty easy.

    Vs 3-3…PST has 5 tech on him wherever he goes. Slide back has ILB stacked behind PST wherever he goes. PSG/OC have the middle stack. BSG/BST have the backside stack. TE turns out the Spur

    Coach ERD

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