Pro Gun Spread System

WANT TO ASK COACH A LIVE QUESTION? CLICK HERE TO SEE THE LIVE EVENT SCHEDULE. Coach Jarrett Troxler (Co-OC/QB Coach at Massillon Washington HS, OH) gives us an inside look at the balanced Pro Gun Spread System. This shotgun, no-huddle offense was born from a true spread offense, but has been morphed into more of a multiple offense by adding in wrinkles from other schemes. Key Components of this System Include:
  • Structure of the System
  • Run Game: Inside/Outside Zone, Power/Gap, Counter, & Option
  • RPO's
  • Passing Game: Protections, Drive Series, Full Field Scheme, Sail/Smash Series, Verticals, & Screens
  • Installation of the System
Jarrett Troxler · July 13, 2020

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