Foxfire Up-Tempo Spread System

WANT TO ASK COACH A LIVE QUESTION? CLICK HERE TO SEE THE LIVE EVENT SCHEDULE. Coach Pat Fox gives you the in's and out's of his FoxFire Up-Tempo Spread System. The Foxfire Up-Tempo Spread System takes away the complexity by utilizing limited offensive blocking schemes. It also hangs its hat on the physicality of the inside zone, multiple RPO's, plays fast with an up-tempo no-huddle approach, uses multiple formations, and has an aggressive passing attack. Key Components of this System Include:
  • Inside Zone
  • RPO's
  • Perimeter Run with Play-Action
  • O-Line Coaching Manual
  • Quick & Dropback Passing Game
  • Coaching Skilled Players
  • and much more...
Pat Fox · July 13, 2020

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System Includes

  • 5 Sections
  • 16 Lessons